The Heart of any Sales

Harsh, the owner of an enterprise is facing some problems in the financial reporting system & he has just given a thought that he is dissatisfied with the existing choice & looking out for solutions. In this case Harsh had initiated research on other reporting systems present in the market.

Suddenly, he gets a sales call from Lootmaar Ltd.

Salesmen: – [Fast Read] “Hi Mr. Harsh, I am calling from Lootmaar Ltd.  & we have 10 modules in reporting system & high-end specifications at each module. It will cost you about 5 lac per month & it is the best deal that I am presenting to you…”

Harsh: “Who gave you my number? Not interested” [Phone cut]

This conversation that you just read happens many a times in a day for sales people & most of the time this type of banging is common in this work domain. 

But the question arises why did he talk like that? Why did he get irritated & furious?

Well, the answer is very simple & it is that you interrupted in his buying process with the wrong pitch in your sales funnel & this mismatch created the blunder & future prospect becomes a dead call for you.

So this article will tell you the difference between the Sales/Selling Process & the customer buying process. Generally, it is a wrong perception made by the folks that both are same but I will tell you these are significantly different. 

Sales Process 

Sales process works out at organizational level where every company has to have a sales process which is unique to the company and drives the parameters of organizational strategies, priorities, culture, their attitudes toward the customer, the customer experiences they want to create, their strategies for differentiation and value creation. Therefore, please remember it is at the organizational level not at the customer level. 

Below snapshot & explanations for each step will be enough to understand the theoretical part of sale process/funnel.

  • Prospecting: – Qualify is a process to determine potential customer has a need or want that the company can fulfill. Therefore, identify your buyer in & out.
  • Preparation: – Plan your initial contact with the customer & study information such as product descriptions, prices, and competitor information.
  • Approach: – Face to face interaction & understand the pain points of the customer by asking relevant questions. Be an active listener.
  • Presentation: – After listening actively from the potential customer, demonstrate how your product can meet those needs and wants.
  • Handling Objections: – Don’t hesitate while handling objections. Be firm & make him understand the entire view & concern for his problems.
  • Close the deal after the negotiation reached from both the end.
  • Follow Up: – Build a long-term relationship with your customer for purposes of repeat sales asking him sentimental questions like whether your product has been received, how its functioning etc.

Consumer Buying Process 

buying process is the series of steps that a consumer will take to make a purchasing decision. Therefore, it is the customer buying process – the way a customer approaches towards a product. It is not being given by any organization & that’s the difference between sales & buying process.

Below snapshot & short explanations for each step will be enough to understand the theoretical part of Buying process.

  • Recognition of needs and wants: – Customer will assess the need by himself at first or in consultation with others.
  • Information search: – Needs will force consumer to gather more information regarding relevant product/Service.
  • Evaluation of choices Purchase: – Customer will now see options for him after the information gathered
  • Purchase: – At this point, Customers are going to purchase the product without any second thought.
  • Post-purchase evaluation: – This test is for a company whether a customer will be loyal or not after his post purchase evaluation.

Till now, whatever you have read in these brief descriptions was theoretical enough but let me tell you the simple it looks, the complex it is in reality.

At the start of the conversation, why did Harsh get angry & irritated???

The answer is, because the salesman was not able to map the exact buying process of Harsh. The customer (Harsh) was at the initial research & gathering information about the needs of the reporting system & the salesman tried to pitch the product specifications & started doing the negotiations to close the deal which was an absolute case of mismatch that salesman did & in the exchange a prospect become a dead call for an organization.

Therefore, in reality, it is better that we understand that the customer buying process should be aligned with the sales process of the organization & then only the leads & closing would substantially improve.

I will just end this learning here only & leave you with one question, do the customers know that they have a buying process? Leave your thoughts in the comments section. Till then, we’ll write another piece on Sales and bring it you. Happy Learning!

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