Inshorts – The 60-word success story

You wake up one morning, and find notifications of ‘short’ news. You click on it, and you have a 60-word summary of the news you had wished for. Be it about sports, or the economy, or about the never-dying-down virus – you have all types of news covered via these notifications. This is precisely what three IIT dropouts had envisioned their product to be. And here we are with Inshorts – the 60-word success story.

Since we are going to talk about Inshorts, we decided on keeping information in this article really precise and you will have more through images than through words.

Inshorts – an Introduction

Having well-defined success metrics help a brand to inch more towards their mission, and that is what Inshorts precisely did. Below are some of the success metrics:

  1. Number of stories a user went through the day – An average of 80 stories per day.
  2. Time spent per story – Based on this, personalization of news is done using artificial intelligence and machine learning. Other important news is shown irrespective of individual reading patterns.
  3. Number of stories viewed per session (one session is when a user is continuously using the app) – the aim is not to increase session duration, but to increase the number of sessions.

Inshorts has also collaborated with certain brands, some of which are:

Inshorts – Brand Collaborations

Continuous innovation is what makes a company stand out from its competition, and this is at the heart of Inshorts. Following are the innovations by Inshorts:

  1. Premier Ads: Branded ads integrated within the app
  2. Notifications: Based on data driven insights , balancing personalization with important headlines. They made sure users were not spammed with too many notifications like before.
  3. Polls/Surveys: You must have seen those polls which prop up below certain news? They give real-time results & helps users know about what other readers think. Brands also get feedback from polls given by users . Two types– Pulse of the Nation and Daily Insights.
  4. Vertical Video: Full screen video ad in portrait mode (for an idea of vertical video – click here)
  5. Video + Text (2:1) format – Two-thirds of the screen is text, rest is video.
  6. Fact Cards: Interesting facts about a brand, an occasion or a personality.
  7. Bumper Video: 60 second ad format
  8. Digital Magazines: Includes video, gifs, polls

And finally, here is what we consider as the most important – the numbers. Here we go!

Inshorts in numbers

With this, we come to an end of a summary of Inshorts – an app which excels in providing summarized bits of information to people.

This article has been authored by Lakshya Mehta.

An MBA graduate from Xavier Institute of Management, Bhuvaneshwar, he is currently working as a Management Trainee at Tata AIG. Lakshya is a LinkedIn & Instagram content creator, & a cricket enthusiast. He always tries to look at different side of things, and loves cracking puns!

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