Accelerated Mobile Pages

It was just another one of my lectures at college, when the faculty mentioned something about mobile pages, which really caught my attention.

He mentioned that while we are focused on our online & digital marketing efforts, sometimes we fail to focus on the most important aspect when it comes to mobile: speed. Companies spend a lot of time & brain, in designing proper, readable, & vibrant content for the users. To ensure this, they create a mobile-friendly website, aiming at the ever-increasing mobile customers.

They come up with a website, load it up with good content, but just when the user has clicked on their link, and BAM! An error occurs. Or the site just doesn’t load. Or even if it does, it takes a lot of time. You see, the attention span of users, to stay “loyal” to you, is going down day-by-day. A 2 second lag may lead to the user shifting its base.

This is where few minds at Google & Twitter come into picture.

So, what exactly are Accelerated Mobile Pages?

A highly optimized description of AMP

Its an open-source initiative project which was designed to optimize mobile pages, making them load faster, by taking them to the basics. It helps improve speed & reliability of their mobile content pages, and in prioritizing user experience above everything else.

Faster mobile pages + readable content = better user experience

As an example, in a webpage which has an AMP plugin installed, the images don’t load unless scrolled into view, thereby reducing the heaviness of the website, and allowing for speed.

AMP is basically a stripped-down version of HTML, and has been made possible via CSS, JavaScript and all those languages concerned with the development of a website.

If you are a business who has decided to majorly focus on your mobile strategy, then you just need to install an AMP plugin, which would make your mobile pages load faster. It works on the basis of some HTML tags being removed (which were initially not needed). This was an overview of how it works. For a more detailed explanation, visit here.

Some Benefits

Going by the trends and its increasing usage, it may soon be one of the metrics for search engine rankings. So, this makes it all the more necessary to include it in your mobile content strategy. Here are some of the benefits of using AMP:

Benefits of AMP

Given all its benefits (few of them mentioned above), AMP is soon going to be one of the important metrics when it comes to ranking webpages. Because, it is the speed that matters the most today.

2 thoughts on “Accelerated Mobile Pages

  1. Very well written with relevant information. When WordPress introduced the AMP feature, I too was confused about its utility. This article explains the feature concisely. Kudos!


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